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SHARE YOUR IF STORIES *If I knew, I would not have married him or her *If I knew, I would have had my children early or late *If I knew, I would have raised my children differently *If I knew, I would have chosen a different profession And more … Share your IF stories with us on our social media platforms. Others may learn from your experience(s).
“It’s not about how many you have, it’s about how well you use and keep them”. The way we treat our shoes says a lot about how we treat our relationships with people around us. Is it about how many friends you have? Or, is it about how you nuture these friendships and how you make sure that each friend knows that they are being cared for or thought about? Join us on Episode 5 as we discuss on the effects our shoes have on us and the people around us and also, how our shoes can make us compromise in some situations.
The relationship some people have with their vehicles, whether a car, SUV or truck, can be compared to how they relate with fellow humans. Sometimes, the relationships between them and their vehicles blossom while in some situations, there are challenges. The vehicle gets all the attention when it is relevant and when it is no longer relevant, the search for a replacement starts. Hmmnn! As with relationships between humans, love fades, friendships face challenges. Some would take every step to repair a broken relationship while others will walk away in search of new relationships. To some, there are reasons and questions: Could I? Should I? Why did I? Did I? Now, the question is: when one develops a relationship with something or someone as the case may be, what will be the duration? Should one hold unto a relationship notwithstanding… ? Let’s have a conversation! Listen to episode 4 as we discuss how we relate with one another through the lens of our relationships with vehicles.
Some say that this is the origin of selfishness or love in homes. But this conversation may lead you to look back at your couch with some thankfulness in your heart, or it may move you to do the exact opposite. That “thing”, has taken in sweat, tears, crumbs of food, and … the other stuff you just thought about. If your couch could talk, what would it say? Listen, as we dive into how couches affect our lives in ways we never had a chance to consider.
Those certificates, they may not be what we think they are. Maybe they are big deal, or maybe they may not be worth the hype. Some treasure their relationship with their certificates. Some don’t. What will you remember about your certification journey – gratitude, pain, waste, love, abuse et al? What’s your stance on owning a certificate? What’s first – your certificate, or your being certified? Let’s talk!.
What’s on the mind of your phone? If given the chance to speak, what will your phone say about you? Will it say that you’re abusive or secretive, friendly or discriminatory, loyal or cunning?